Names with Empathy


A special challenge for name development are topics that people don't like to talk about openly. Diarrhea, constipation, cystitis or erectile dysfunction are not exactly a big hit during small talk in the cafeteria or at the barbecue. Nevertheless, there is a need for such products, because the people who are affected urgently need them. This makes it all the more important to approach name development with a great deal of sensitivity.

Imagine going to the drugstore and asking for a product called "bladderwear" or "Incontinea". Although descriptive names may make sense in other areas, calling a spade a spade is not advisable for such sensitive topics. Anyone who is ashamed to admit a weakness in the middle of a public forum will prefer to reach for another product.

Create positive images

If there is to be a reference to the topic, then it should be a positive one. How do you do that with taboo, difficult and often painful topics? In finding a name for a new brand of incontinence products from the successful company Lillydoo, we focused on the emotions that the products should evoke: Relief, Safety, Active Living or simply a complaint-free daily routine.




The name Vivoy, developed by Namestorm, emphasizes the active, free and moving life that can be enjoyed again with the product: Vivid and enjoy/joy were combined into a portmanteau word "Vivoy", which expresses the "feeling afterwards" in an elegant word creation and certainly does not trigger any feelings of shame.


More Names for Taboo Topics

Namestorm has already successfully named several taboo topics, for example Allmedica's Carimera portal for help with constipation. The name sounds positive and creates the feeling of a good day free of complaints (Kalimera = "good morning" in Greek). By modifying the name (Cari instead of Kali), the offer of help (care) is included and a pleasant-sounding uniquename is created. Patients should be invited to get information and help and to feel good among like-minded people.


Carimera eng


Finding names for taboo complaints therefore requires a great deal of intuition and intensive study of the subject. By asking ourselves: What moves the people who suffer from the problem, what do they want to achieve (again), how does the product change their lives? we arrive at positive emotions, images and words that are suitable for strong brand names in this area.

Namestorm is currently developing more names for taboo themes - more on that soon!


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