Simon Pure and the pleasures of authenticity

SIMON PURE will shortly be opening his first store in Munich. Namestorm supported the gastro startup​ in its search for a name, which culminated in a moniker that really has a story to tell.

Amazing names don't exactly grow on trees, and neither does good food (well, not quite...)

"I find this kind of project really to my taste, of course," enthused Mark Leiblein, the owner of Namestorm. "The concept that the founders, Korbinian Huber and Tobias Dirsch have created is really ambitious and looks to the future. Quite simply, the gastro sector is always exciting," explained the naming consultant. But what are the precise intentions of Simon Pure's creators, and above all, what kind of food will there be to enjoy?

There are no details yet, but we can let you into the following secret: lovers of light and healthy food that's free from weird ingredients will love it. Meanwhile, the usual junk food pedlars​ will have to step up their game once hungry customers get a taste for the aroma of fresh herbs and other delicious ingredients...

Simon Pure


However, the route to settling on a favourite name was not as easy as it might seem. The process started with lots of discussions, and even more potential names and ideas. The reason why SIMON PURE eventually made the cut was mainly the unusual back story behind the name: one that has established historical roots.

Who, then, is Simon? The story behind the name
If you've been paying attention this far, you've probably noticed that neither of the founders is called Simon. Therefore, it's entirely reasonable to ask who this Simon is and where he came from. In fact, Simon Pure is an English saying, and it means nothing other than absolutely pure and unadulterated. On the face of it, then, that name would more than qualify as a suitable moniker for the concept, but that's far from the end of it...

Simon Pure was originally the hero of a play, "A Bold Stroke for a Wife," which dates from 1718. At the start of the play, he is robbed of his identity, but manages to stake his claim and recover his true identity.

Over time, the phrase "to be simon-pure" established itself as synonymous with genuine quality, authenticity, purity and uncompromising integrity.

"With Simon Pure, we're going back to the roots of the story, and writing a new chapter using nothing but authentic ingredients. As such, Simon Pure will once again be the name of the righteous hero who embodies authenticity like no one and nothing else. With our product range, we'll be standing up for the values of the original Simon Pure," promise Korbinian and Tobias.

When exactly it will all kick off, and when the next stores will open, will, of course, ​be announced here and on Twitter.

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