Renaming a Company or Product


Changing an established name is quite a challenge

Renaming an already established company or brand is often a difficult process. Reasons for a name change can be concrete legal problems, company mergers or strategic difficulties with the old name. If the name has been known for a long time, it is all the more difficult to part with it.

Namestorm guides you safely through the Renaming-Process

Together with you we develop the perfect new name – but not only that. We accompany the name change process from the beginning and take your team along with us. Especially when renaming a long-established company, there is often resistance to a new name because you identify with the old name and "hang on" to it. Suitable and beautiful new name ideas are important. The right approach is at least as important for success.

Renaming – from the name idea to the introduction

We have been able to accompany numerous company or brand renaming projects. In the course of time we have developed more and more sophisticated methods to bring all employees on board with a well thought-out process and to efficiently get to the new name. Whether with a Naming Workshop, in which the team is involved in finding a name, or with measures for employee information and the introduction of the new name – we will guide you professionally through the demanding path of a name change.

Old becomes new – and better!