Claims and Slogans for Brands


A good claim strengthens your brand

After the name, an advertising claim or slogan is the shortest publicity text you’ll ever have to produce – which also makes it the most difficult. A good claim describes, adds to or positions your name.

This means that slogans are tightly bound to names, placing emphasis on the special aspect of the product or service at hand or providing more information about it.

Claims should mark territory without placing limits

A memorable slogan helps consumers to find their way through the jungle of products on offer and can even become a
legend in its own right. Just think of classics like Vorsprung durch Technik*, I’m lovin’ it* and Just do it.*

When it comes to slogans, there are absolutely no rules to what works and what doesn’t: they can be witty, serious, cheeky, descriptive, short, long, imperative or interrogative. The only thing they have to do, in fact, is be believable.

Come to Namestorm if you want more than just pretty words.


* (N.B.: The above-mentioned slogans are registered trademarks of their respective owners that are only used for descriptive purposes. Namestorm did not help develop these slogans and is mentioning them solely by way of example)