Finding unique titles for films and media


With our hearts and our heads

Namestorm is very strong on finding and creating titles for the film and media industries: in fact, there are probably few agencies that have come up with as many titles than we have.

We have taken part in over 500 projects to find titles for everything from films and TV shows to bestseller books. Our track record in this area speaks for itself.

Leave the brainstorming to Namestorm

Namestorm will help you create titles that both stand out and offer a clever take on the subject matter. We also give advice on your own name ideas and will work on your initial lists of title candidates, providing you with a comprehensive selection to chose from.

A title says as much as a thousand adverts

Did you know that a film title is at least as important as advertising, the story and the actors involved?
Well, it is! Says who? The University of Munich, whom Namestorm asked to research the influence of
titles on the box office success of films. For German speakers, the results are available here.

Forget brainstorming: kick-start your movie by Namestorming!

Titelfindung für Filme und Medien


Titelschutz für Filme: Immer wieder und immer öfter kommt es zu Schwierigkeiten beim Titelschutz von Filmen, Büchern und anderen Medien. Verletzt ein Titel andere Titel oder eingetragene Marken, kann es schnell teuer werden. Eine professionelle Titelrecherche ist daher unerlässlich.