Being green is great fun!


Naming – the green way

There is a whole range of things the Namestorm does to help reduce its impact on the environment.

  • Energy: we work on energy-efficient equipment, use energy-saving modes and switch off the power went we don't need them.
  • Paper: all the paper we use is recycled or milled to FSC certificate standard; we print on both sides and only print e-mail and documents when absolutely necessary.
  • Emissions: we commute to work by rail or bike (well, if the weather is appalling we might use a Smart); where possible, we replace meetings with emails, telecons and web meet-ups.
  • Organic: Namestorm is fuelled by fair trade coffee and organic foods at lunch; we use environmentally-friendly chemical products.

There's always more potential for helping the environment, and at Namestorm, we never stop looking for it...