Meet the Name Finders


Mark Leiblein

Mr. Name – the name finder
  • Founder and owner of Namestorm
  • Reference book author and interview partner on naming topics

From an early age, Mark was notorious for renaming everything around him and giving it unique name creations. Early on, he wondered why an ice cream brand was called "Bum Bum" and why a travel agency "Titanic Travel" chose this name. His enthusiasm for names was strengthened in a professional direction by his business administration studies with a focus on marketing and linguistic education (Business English, Anglican, Latin). He worked as a marketing manager in a corporation for five years before founding Namestorm to help the world find unique names. In addition to naming consulting across industries, he launches naming software in his startup NameRobot, writes professional articles, and gives press interviews on brand naming issues and entrepreneurship.


Marcel Hiller

Name developer
  • Project manager and customer consultant
  • Freelance moderator (events and workshops)

Marcel Hiller has been with Namestorm from the beginning and is involved in almost all naming projects, creatively or coordinating. The trained moderator brings his linguistic-communicative skills to creative workshops and ensures everything runs smoothly. As a trained automotive businessman, Marcel is particularly in demand for naming projects with a technical background. For him, "naming knows no end of the day or place because the best ideas and solutions often come at night or on the road.

Gila Dassel Namestorm1

Gila Dassel

Naming Consultant
  • Project management name development, naming workshops
  • Lecturer for creativity techniques, Munich University of Applied Sciences

Gila has been on board with us as a name developer since 2015. She came to naming via her job as a TV Development Producer, for which she developed new show formats and titles. She enriches our naming projects with creative methods and manages challenging naming processes. Especially with complicated and chaotic product portfolios, she brings a system into chaos and simultaneously keeps an eye on creativity and structure. Gila is also a lecturer for creativity techniques at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich and leads naming and creative workshops.

Team Naming

Annika Hofmann

  • Over 15 years working in the linguistic-creative field
  • Master of Arts in German & English/American Studies

Annika has her focus as a creative copywriter. As a freelancer at Namestorm, she brings strong ideas to large naming projects. Here, in particular, also the concise texts - slogans, claims and headlines.


Mark Laupichler

Specialist attorney for industrial property rights

Mark Laupichler, with his law firm Praetoria Rechtsanwälte, is a long-standing partner of Namestorm. He advises on the assessment of critical trademark similarities and trademark law issues. If desired, he takes over the trademark registration of newly developed names for our clients.

Marla Groetzinger new

Marla Grötzinger

Ally - Namestorm


Head of Socializing

Responsible for the balance in stressful phases and for a crumb-free atmosphere. Ally particularly shines on outdoor assignments of any kind. Her passion for naming is somewhat less pronounced than the rest of the team, but the well-being of employees and customers is especially close to her heart.



Expert Pool
  • Advertising copy
  • Linguistic name checking (native speakers worldwide)
  • Topics and trends (depending on each individual project)

In addition to the core team, Namestorm has built a network at home and abroad that complements creative meetings and can dock at all points in the name development process. As a client, you can rely on an experienced and passionate naming team - no matter how complex or challenging your naming project is.