The Name Finders


Mark Leiblein

The Namefinder

  • Owner of the naming consultancy Namestorm
  • Created the multi-award-winning naming machine NameRobot

From a very young age, Mark was notorious for creating names – usually nicknames. Nowadays, after linguistic training during his university degree and years of experience as a marketing manager, he works as a naming consultant for companies and media outlets across Europe. Together with his team he has already taken care of 500 namefinding projects and is sought after as a name-finding expert.




Marcel Hiller

Naming Consultant

2006 saw Marcel Hiller come to Namestorm from a completely different area; that didn’t stop him quickly getting a reputation as a gifted professional naming consultant. With his excellent communication skills, he runs creative workshops about finding names. As an automotive expert Marcel is particularly suited to finding names in the technical area. For him, "naming knows no time or place", as the best ideas do not come rarely at night or while travelling.




    Gila Dassel

    Naming Consultant

    • Development Producer
    • Graduate Geographer

    Gila was born in Munich and came into creating names when she worked as a TV Producer. While developing formats for TV broadcasters she used to create a lot of titles for new TV shows.

    During a special project she came across the founders of „Namestorm“ and felt so inspired by working with them that she decided to work as a freelancer for them since 2015.

    She now contributes her media contacts and experience with the development for broadcasters and international production companies to creating titles and names. Recently she designs Naming-Workhops which will be offered by Namestorm from 2016 on.




    Matthew Fultz

    Translator (German-English)

    • English Teacher (Helen Doron Early English)
    • Diploma: International Music Business

    Strives to maintain a light and comical working atmosphere; fights to express German phrases with the most beautiful language: English; paints, in cooperation with the whole team, a world with a name that makes you go 'hmmmm.....'




    Shima Khazei

    Marketing Assistant

    Shima speaks fluent Farsi and brings a whole range of exciting Eastern influences into our brain-name-storming process. Before coming to us, Shima spent several years working in fashion, cosmetics and music.

    One of her particular specialities is very quickly familiarising herself with new themes and projects and always keeping the many duties of the name-finding process in her sights.





    Head of Socializing

    Ally divides her work time between her office duties as burglar alarm and vacuum cleaner, and fills in as a therapist when it gets a bit stressful around here.
    Ally is known for always being focused on work without letting herself get stressed. She cares especially about the well-being of employees and customers alike...




    Team and network

    Translators, copywriters, linguists and copyright lawyers

    Namestorm is a network of experienced naming specialists. Alongside this established team, further professionals from here and abroad help with our namefinding projects. As customers you can also rest assured that a competent team will take care in finding a name for your project, no matter how big or small.