Strong name for innovative process technology

The "revolutionary innovation" in the lautering technology of the compact brewhouse was also to be reflected in the name. In brainstorming sessions conducted internally at banke GmbH, many great ideas emerged. Nevertheless, Christine Mack, sales manager at banke GmbH, ultimately turned to Namestorm, because even the most promising list of ideas doesn't mean the final name is already found. Many ideas were already gone by the time they made the first check, and none of the suggestions were compelling or even found a majority.

Namestorm took on this exciting topic and pursued two approaches: First, looking at the existing ideas with a fresh eye and subjecting them to an expert check. In the process, we found points of contact and some approaches that we developed further. Secondly, we created completely new names without being influenced by earlier ideas..

Namestorm Workshops

Both led to a new list of ideas with maximum creativity and meticulous research of the names for any existing older rights. In a stringent decision-making process on the customer side of banke GmbH, they could quickly decide on the name: Sud Sixty Six. The name is based on the extreme shortening of the lautering process to only 60 minutes (=Sixty) per brew, which results in 6 brews (Six) per day.

Phonetically, the name is reminiscent of the legendary "Route Sixty-Six" and immediately sticks in mind due to this aha effect. Another aspect that increases memorability is the stylistic device of alliteration (three words beginning with "S") that we used here. And that's not all: The German term "Sud," together with English (number) words, combines the technique's origin in Germany with its international orientation. 

Sud Sixty Six EN1

A real all-rounder name that came about in an exemplary constructive joint naming process. Christine Mack, sales manager at banke GmbH, comments:

"We have been working with Namestorm for several years to give our products punchy and meaningful names. From the initial contact to the presentation of our products to the final naming, the communication is always extremely friendly, open and highly professional. At any time, Namestorm informed us about the current status and the process of finding a name within the Namestorm team. Here, the communication was clear, direct, simple and uncomplicated at all times, which helped us continue in our daily business.
The results speak for themselves: all name suggestions are surprising, multi-layered and the view from the outside on our product offers completely new possibilities. At the same time, our wishes to go to market with the name locally and internationally were always considered. Simple, precise and ingenious. The detailed explanations of the name suggestions and the tips for the final decision are also helpful.

We were able to find a name for our product right from the start. Including checking for protected terms in the countries of the target markets. And the feedback from our customers and prospects on the names couldn't be more positive!"

We can only return this, and it clarifies that it is not ONLY the creative name ideas that matter but also how the decision-making process is conducted and ultimately mastered. As we all know, many cooks spoil the broth, and it's challenging to decide on a name among many opinions, personal tastes and all requirements and reservations. That the result was not just a generally descriptive "lowest common denominator" but a strikingly unusual name is worthy of our notice and high praise.

The case of "Sud Sixty Six" is intended to inspire creative ways of finding a name, allow unusual or even polarizing ideas, and approach the decision-making process constructively and positively.

We wish you every success with the new compact brewhouse and put the name Sud Sixty Six at the top of the list of contenders for the most potent name of 2023!

Do you also need creative input for a name development or a fresh look at existing name ideas? We look forward to hearing from you.



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