Sud Sixty Six

Name for a compact brewhouse for beer production

Sud Sixty Six EN1

Naming for revolutionary brewhouse process technology

Banke GmbH has developed a new compact brewhouse for beer production that "uniquely combines decisive advantages in technology, engineering and economy: highest production output with lowest energy and space requirements." With a lautering time of only 60 minutes, we achieve a revolutionary six brews per day with only two brew vessels."

These extreme time and space savings also form the basis for the name that Namestorm developed for Banke GmbH following the already successful implementation of a name family. The name idea Sud Sixty Six is based on the fact that only 60 minutes are needed per brew, resulting in 6 brews per day. In its composition, the name is reminiscent of the legendary "Route Sixty-Six" and immediately sticks in mind due to this "aha effect." The combination of the German term Sud (=brew) with English numerical words combines the origin of the technology from Germany with an international orientation.

"The name goes very well on the market, both in the U.S. and here in Germany, and we are all excited about the idea!" is the feedback from Christine Mack, sales manager at Banke, after the presentation of the new brewhouse - and name - at the Craft Brewers Conference America 2023.