Renaming digital solution suite for car dealerships

Xolvis ENG

Xolvis - the solution for all services and industries


Formerly known as "The Paymail", the company offers "digital tools for a contemporary and high-performance service in car dealerships and automotive workshops" as well as "online payment and communication solutions for all handling agents and FBOs".

The special task in changing the name was to find a new name that was no longer tailored to a specific service area ("Pay") or industry, but instead depicted overall solutions for all steps from making an appointment to the repair stand to handing over the keys. The name should also remain open for other industries outside of automotive workshops. In the software sector, finding a general name that includes many services and is also short is always a special challenge.

With the name Xolvis, the "solution" was literally found: the basic word solve was transformed with a fresh "X" at the beginning and a new sounding ending into a striking, protectable name that offers the perfect solution for all areas and industries. Due to its brevity, the name can be well branded with various industry suffixes: Xolvis Automotive or Xolvis FBO.