Name development for an oriental hamam

Marasim Seitenbild

Naming like in Tales from 1001 Nights

The new, beautifully designed oriental hamam near Munich whisks its guests away to "a fairytale world like in the Tales from Thousand and One Nights, which will make you completely forget everyday life. Enjoy the unique culture of the oriental hamam and let us pamper your body, mind and heart". Rarely has a name development been so inspiring and relaxing as here.

Luxury and Orient already in the name.

In finding the name, many terms from the linguistic area in which the hamam originated were incorporated. Since hamam practices are offered from different cultures and countries, the name should not be too specific to a particular region or methodology. A challenge for the name designers, who found what they were looking for with the resonant Arabic word "Marasim." Marasim means "ceremony, customs and rituals," so its content fits perfectly for all kinds of pampering treatments that promote health and well-being. Turkish, Egyptian, Moroccan and Arabic hamam practices can thus all find their place under the generic term "Marasim".

The name alone makes you want to experience luxurious oriental relaxation.