Product name for waterjet nozzles Ceratizit Group

Picture of Ceraizit Group's Waterjet Nozzle

HyproJet from Ceratizit: Specialist for carbide machining

Carbide solutions from Ceratizit Group in Luxembourg promise hardness, precision and reliability. "Extremely high pressure of more than 6,000 bar and high exit speeds make water an optimal cutting tool for temperature-sensitive and thick materials with complex geometries."

While developing a naming concept for Ceratizit Group, Namestorm was also tasked with naming Ceratizit Luxembourg's new waterjet nozzle portfolio. The newly developed name contains references to the cutting material (Hydro=water) and adds the syllable "pro" to indicate the professional solution. The syllable "Hy" is also reminiscent of "high" for highest quality. Supplemented by the descriptive part "Jet" a strong name with a convincing name story has been created.