Brand Name for innovative Lab technology

Nexopart 1

Two partners, one strong new brand

Two renowned and long-standing German companies become one in laboratory technology: Haver & Boecker, with over 80 years of experience in the manufacture and production of test sieves, and Hosokawa Alpine, with more than 60 years of efficient air jet sieving, launched a joint subsidiary in 2023.

The exciting branding process was led by the Ideact agency, which brought Namestorm on board to find the name. The most important feature was the revolutionary and innovative character of the new laboratory technology, coupled with the decades of experience and the blend of competence of the two players.

With Nexopart, Namestorm created an internationally applicable name that suggests "next generation" and adds both the partnership and the particles that are analyzed in laboratory technology with "part". The "O" in the middle connects the two parts of the name, like the two companies, and is further developed in the logo as a brand-forming graphic element. All in all, a well-rounded solution!