Tableware collections from BHS Tabletop

BHS Embrace Seitenbild

Naming for the highest gastronomic standards

"The avant-garde EMBRACE tableware collection addresses pioneers who want to present their culinary experiments and creations with a touch of innovation and style." Wow!

Just like that, the naming requirements for three new tableware collections, for which Namestorm was brought on board, were similarly high. The EMBRACE collection is characterized by a nest-shaped form and symbolizes that the delicious creations are protected or embraced, as the name now appropriately represents.

The remarkable thing about the second collection, which should be named, is the petrol-colored glaze. Petrol is not found in nature, making this high-quality collection an all-rounder that goes well with a wide variety of food colors. The name COMPANION expresses precisely that: The tableware as the perfect companion for all kinds of culinary creations.

In addition, the first color-glazed system porcelain from the existing "Airflow" collection was given a melodious artificial name: AIRFLOW Essenta.