Brand Name for incontinence products

Vivoy 1 neu

Vivoy - positive brand name for taboo topic incontinence


Recently, we have been asked more often to name pharmaceutical products that deal with an unpleasant problem or disease. That's not particularly surprising, because finding a name for topics with negative connotations is a special challenge and requires a great deal of tact.

When the makers of the successful Lillydoo brand approached us to develop a new brand name for products for incontinence, we devoted ourselves to this special task with passion. The word and name search focused on the positive experience that is sought by using the product (again): An active, free and moving life that can be enjoyed again with and through the product. The recently introduced name vivoy was created by combining the appropriate terms vivid (alive/lively) and enjoy (enjoy) into a portmanteau word that elegantly expresses this "feeling afterwards". 

With the name vivoy, supported by the brand introduction and imagery as well as the discreet online sales strategy, access is made much easier for people who need the product. The name manages to sound gentle and benevolent especially through the letter composition of soft "V", "O" and a fresh "Y" and to convey a feeling of lightness and joie de vivre.

Vivoy is now available in the online store.