Name for an Innovative User Interface

flottweg ingo

InGo – the New User Interface from Flottweg

The new user interface for machine control allows fully automatic interaction of all individual processes with simultaneous control "at a glance". The user interface is based on the concepts of smartphones and PCs and can, therefore, be operated intuitively.

When developing the product name, two components should be in the foreground: The very simple, intuitive operation of the machines and the smooth process that is guaranteed with the new control system. The ultra-short name InGo embodies both: "In" stands for quick entry into the process, "Go" for everything running perfectly. The simplicity of the system is also conveyed by the brevity of the name alone: what sounds so uncomplicated, has to be so. The same Germanic first name "Ingo" also gives the user interface a personal, approachable touch.

The innovative user interface was awarded the German Design Award in 2018 in the category "Interactive User Experience".