Name for medical advice portal and products

A commercial picture for Carimera Plus and Carimera Duo.

Carimera - Personal advisor for taboo illnesses

Allmedica Arzneimittel GmbH is dedicated to people with taboo diseases and wants to loosen taboos and help those affected with advice and medical products such as constipation.

The challenge in finding a name for the portal was to suggest that it is about helping with all issues surrounding the sensitive topic of "constipation." At the same time, the name should fit a medical remedy. The name Carimera sounds positive and inviting and is derived from Greek: "Kalimera" means "Good day!" and, in this case, promises help for a good, i.e., symptom-free day. By modifying the first syllable, the English word "care" also comes into play:  We care for a good day!

The products to help with constipation are available under the names Carimera Plus and Carimera Duo.