Product name within a naming system for high-end headphones


Product name in a naming system for high-end headphones


Amiron is the first "correct" product name in the headphone range of the premium manufacturer beyerdynamic. The previous names consisted only of letter-number abbreviations, which is not very emotional and also confused. With this new product name, a less technical approach is now being pursued to appeal to a wider audience.

A particular challenge was to find a name that also lays the foundation for further product designations. It should therefore be found a naming style that can be applied to future products. Choosing a lot for sonorous art names that discreetly reflect special product features.

The art name AMIRON impresses with the soft pronunciation and reminds of "Amico", Italian for friend who accompanies you reliably. The ending on "on" as in "Stadium" conveys the impression of greatness left by the powerful sound of the listener.

Other product names within this naming system are: Xelento and Aventho.