Ceratizit Group

Naming concept for high-tech cutting tools

The picture shows the Ceratizit Group's product catalog in bound form, presented with some of the company's tool parts on a workstation.

Ceratizit Naming Guide: One naming concept for all

CERATIZIT Deutschland GmbH distributes innovative precision tools for the cutting tool industry. In the cutting Tools team alone, the portfolio comprises 17 tool categories and a product range with over 50,000 standard articles. Over 100 years of company history and the merging of several manufacturers gradually led to inconsistent naming. Also, historically evolved names were no longer felt to be up to date.

Namestorm developed an overall naming concept for the cutting tools team, which included an analysis of the current situation, suggestions for new naming systems, and the coordination and introduction of a naming concept for all product areas and categories. Different styles for product names, type designations and product innovations were defined and stored in a naming guide. An internal workshop introduced this "construction manual" for new names that will be the basis for all name developments at Ceratizit Group. 

Namestorm continues to advise the Ceratizit Group on new naming concepts.