Electrifying Names for Jewellery

Names for jewellery lines from Wempe

wempe 4 namen

Four jewellery worlds - four exclusive names

Wempe has been known for generations for fine watches and exclusive jewellery. New, unusual names were sought for four jewellery lines from the range. The names should express the special theme of each line in a creative way:

Electrify by Wempe Casuals: "Under Suspense: Experience pieces of jewellery that spark vitality with dynamic shapes and playful elements". With the verb "electrify" an unusual term in the jewellery world was found to express the connection between tension and joie de vivre.

Tidedrops by Wempe Casuals: "A modern interpretation of nature's precious treasures: you have never experienced pearl jewellery like this before". This very special name combines the themes "tide" with "teardrops", which symbolize pearls. A brand new word for a newly interpreted world of jewellery.

Flowery by Wempe Statements: "Playful and colourful: with their floral design, these jewellery pieces carry us off into a romantic fantasy world". The floral design was taken up literally in this name, so the pretty English adjective stands for the floral design. The ending brings with it a lightness of sound, which is combined with the playfulness of the jewellery series.

Everloving by Wempe Classics: "Diamond for diamond a special memory: Everloving by Wempe Classics stands for classic jewellery full of meaning." The created word Everloving is reminiscent of "everlasting", and the skilful combination with "love" adds even more emotional depth.